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LoraWAN smart-helmet

Fundamental challenges for safety services is that they need to control whether the workers wear safety devices all the time. 

The solution provides information about impacts or falling in working site, weather conditions (temperature, humidity). Additional sensors can be attached (Oxygen / CO2 sensor and others.)

A worker can call for help using a shock sensor inside the module.

Combining UWB, Bluetooth and GPS, this solution provides absolute positioning in any situation, inside or outside, this reduces the time for rescuing.



Sensors and systems:

  • Presence sensor (whether the helmet is on the head).

  • Temperature / Humidity sensor

  • Shock / Zero gravity sensor (accelerometer)

  • Battery Level sensor

  • LoraWan module for low power communication with long-range

  • Gas sensor (optional)

  • The tension of the electromagnetic field (optional)

Positioning systems:

  • Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS )

  • Zonal positioning systems (BLE)

  • UWB positioning (optional)

Helmet: What's onboard?

Battery Charging methods

(can be combined or exclusive):

  • Via a power socket (main option)

  • Via a solar cell on the hardhat surface

  • Via an inductive loop (QI compatible, wireless charging)

Invested in solution:

  • 700$

Usage price:

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