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LoraWAN health-tracker

LW-360HR is a wearable with BLE/ GPS/ LoRa® functions.
Small groups can keep contact with each other easier in a wide range of active areas based on GPS satellite positioning and LoRa® 's long-distance transmission technology (Up to 10+ KM) to integrate the mobile app and cloud application.

What Goal We Want to Reach:
1. Tracking your daily activity
  i. Step/Calories/Distance monitor
  ii. Heart rate information
  iii. Skin temperature
2. Monitoring with alert features
  i. Outdoor geo-fence
  ii. SOS for cloud platform management



Sensors and systems:

  • Built-in optical heart rate monitor module. Easy to show your heart rate status when you want to know

  • It uses motion filter to remove motion signal from PPG. Heart rate is easily to figure out in filtered PPG

  • Accuracy:(Based on HRM Module)
    ± 3 bpm in rest
    ± 10 bpm in motion (< 10 KM/hr)

  • Support BLE function
    Link distance:10M

  • LoRa® transmit distance:1 - 3 KM
    Open Space:3 KM
    City: 1 KM

  • Support GPS function

  • With built-in 250 mAh lithium battery

  • Watch, Alarm with vibrator and buzzer

  • Supported NFC function is optional

Positioning systems:

  • ChirpStack, open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server stack

  • Amazon Web Services

Health-tracker: What's onboard?

Battery Charging methods

(can be combined or exclusive):

  • Via a power socket (main option)

Invested in solution:

  • 700$

Usage price:

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